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Up Close & Personal

We're a father and son team who do high quality professional work and have been in business 25+ years

We pride ourselves on being extremely reliable, honest and fair people.

We've  been in the UK for 3 years now.  Prior to this we lived in South  Africa and had our own shop fitting company which did all kinds of cabinetry work, furniture, spray finishing,

all granite/quartz/marble & metal work. We worked mostly for interior designers and did work across South Africa and even outside of South Africa.

We do complete Kitchens (including designs), Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Garage Conversions, Partition walls, Flooring & Painting

** We're fully insured and have verifiable references for all our work **

** We're also teamed up with an amazing Electrician, Plumber & Granite/Quartz team ** 

Call us at 074 0477 8090 or 077 5292 0176


Organized Desk
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